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Specialist photographic services

Proprietor Lisa Jayne Fisher completed her first degree in Photography and has worked professionally for many years.


She specialises in photographic services for fieldwork, post excavation and standing buildings. This includes elevated mast shots, using a 15m high retractable mast, which can be positioned in most excavation trenches easily to give a near vertical or oblique viewpoint. Please contact the office for further details and a quote. In addition, artefact recording is also available for special finds or ones that may be difficult to photograph clearly.

Examples of work


As well as offering fieldwork services, we can offer artefact illustration and photographic work in a studio environment. Landscape shots can be provided for publishing purposes.

Published work for books

These shots were taken for:


'The Archaeology and Land use of South East England to 1066'
Chapter 21 - South Eastern Monuments in the 21st Century; a continuing palimpsest of activity.


A tribute for Peter Drewett


A forthcoming Oxbow publication


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