Watching briefs

This service is one which commercial developers and private clients alike will use.


Once planning permission has been granted for small developments, planning conditions can sometimes be attached which request that an archaeologist is present to record the development as it progresses. This is done in conjunction with a Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI) which the appointed archaeologist prepares in advance of ground works. This WSI will outline the agreed plan of action which has been defined by the County Archaeologist and is required by Planning Authorities and statutory bodies.


Once the WSI is approved by the County Archaeology Team and the planning officer, excavations can commence with any ground breaking activity monitored by an archaeologist in accordance with the WSI. The report is then drawn up, which will report on the archaeology present on the site. If very little is found, the report will be final and the planning conditions will be removed once the documentation has been approved by the County Archaeology Team and the Planning Authority. If significant archaeology is found, there will be a requirement to prepare an assessment for the post excavation stage which will highlight a timetable as well as likely costs for preparing the final report which will be discussed in full before commencing. However, it should also be noted that if significant archaeology such as burial sites and masonry is encountered, the County Archaeologist will sometimes request further fieldwork to be completed.

Please note that as of the summer of 2018, we will be sub-contracting the monitoring of the ground-works to a partner company but will still be project managing, so please do get in touch with us if we can assist with your ground-work projects.