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Meet the team

Jeremy Clarke headshot.jpg
ASL Principal Archaeologist and Proprietor
Lisa Jayne Fisher  Cert.Ed, BA (Hons), MA 
Lisa started working as a commercial archaeologist in 2012 but has been actively involved in archaeology  since 1999. She completed an MA in field archaeology at Sussex University  in 2009, specializing in Bronze Age Pottery in Sussex for which she received a Distinction.


Historic Building Officer

Jeremy Clarke BA(Hons), MA


Jeremy works part-time for ASL as a Historic Building Officer. He graduated from Surrey University in 1991 with a 1st class Hons. Degree and Masters Degree in chemical engineering. From 1997 to the present day, has since been the Principal historical researcher for the Felbridge and District History Group and was the President of the Wealden Buildings Study Group  2017-2019.

Archaeological Assistants:

Bruce Milton BA

Stewart Angell

Andrew Bradshaw

Specialist consultants:


Historic Building advisors - David and Barbara Martin IHBC, FSA

Archaeobotanist - Lisa Gray  BA hons, Msc MA, ACIFA

Pottery and post medieval artefact specialist - Luke Barber BA, research officer from the Sussex Archaeological Society

Roman pottery specialist - Dr Malcolm Lyne

Bone Specialists -  Carol White MA

Illustrator - Lysbeth Drewett BA Bsc

Palaeolithic flint Specialist - Dr Matt Pope (University College London)

Neolithic - Bronze Age flint specialist - Bertie Haken BA hons, MA

Advice on iron industry and slag identification - Jeremy Hodgkinson MA, FSA from the Wealden Iron Research Group



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